Witness to a Moment in History

It is not often that someone gets an opportunity to be present at a moment that will be remembered later as a piece of history, but that was how it felt to be in the control room of the NRU reactor on the evening of 2018 March 31st. As planned, the nuclear research reactor was shut down for the last time that evening, ending a period of more than 60 years throughout which NRU made substantial contributions to the quality of life of people all around the world. When NRU was constructed and first operated in 1957, there were about…

TEDx Ottawa: The NRU Research Reactor

I was so happy that the TED organization released this video the day before our 60th anniversary celebrations for the NRU Research Reactor on 2017 November 3rd. It is easy to demonstrate that NRU is the most productive science facility in Canada. Half a billion patient treatments is a massive contribution to people around the world. I am proud to have worked there.

07 the magic woman

Stupid Cancer: New Episode

During the summer I wrote seven of the ten episodes of the story Stupid Cancer. Two of the remaining three still needed work, and the last, when I tried to write it, turned out to be a song. 🙂 In the end I made a cartoon as well and I have added that episode today (Episode 7), by choosing pieces from my rough working sheet. I will upload an mp3 to share the song with you soon.

TEDx Ottawa

I am excited to be participating in the TEDx Ottawa event at the end of September. The sold out event has six speakers including an Antarctic explorer and an Olympic hurdler. The theme of the event is “Who Knew?” so it is a great forum to speak about the NRU research reactor and all the achievements it has enabled, thanks to the talented men and women who built, operated and used it for the past 60 years. NRU is Canada’s most productive science facility and has touched hundreds of millions of lives, yet many people, even in Canada, do not…