These Textures

sydney opera house tile
This is my favourite view of the Sydney Opera House. Those impressive curved rooves are all covered in ceramic tiles. The cream coloured triangles are different shapes in each row – it’s an amazing artistic feat.
Black-eyed susans
“Black-eyed Susans growing in a vacant lot in my home town”. I passed this splash of gold every day as I walked around the block, regaining my health after surgery in 2017. One day I waded out into the waist-high weeds to get close enough to soak up their sun-burnt glory. They became the muse for a poem A Sun A Flower.
Mum and Dad live on a steep hill, on a busy little road that descends into the village. Even with dementia, Mum was physically fit for many years. We’d walk down to the shops and back, a climb that left me out of breath. This iconic letterbox gave me a good reason to stop for a brief rest.
The busy subway system revealed under the bark of dead tree.
public washrooms
At the end of the public beach near my home, on a cool October morning, I walked up to the washrooms at exactly the moment the walls were aligned with the sun. That alignment painted this texture without me doing anything.
oregon trail rock
Like most of us, the travellers along the hard and dangerous Oregon Trail just wanted others to know they once lived.
dublin cathedral 02
Why this wonderful rose on the floor of Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin was decorated with images of weasels, wearing hats and walking with staffs like pilgrims, I do not know.


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