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Humming Because I Don’t Know the Words


My good friend and guitarist Colin Baird and I have been writing music and lyrics together since about 2009. This song had an unusual genesis. He had a chord progression in his memory that he had written in an early form in his youth, playing in bands with his brother and high school friends. Separately, I had written a poem/lyrics based on my memories of dating and young love when Alison and I were first married. It was remarkable how the words and music came together; some of the lines have 20 syllables. I still feel privileged that I was there to see it happen.

The song is called ‘Humming Because I Don’t Know the Words’. I have never been adept at relationships, and I am forever grateful to have met the love of my life.

Deconstructing the lyrics a little, each line has a rhyme within it as well as at the end, which gives it a sort of tumbling feel. The decision to have the drums fade in throughout the first verse/chorus was made off the cuff in the studio. Read the full lyrics for Humming.