Other Textures

These charming hand-painted tiles adorned the exterior of a building in Cascais, Portugal, where ceramic art is everywhere.
shitty spring
“Shitty Spring”. Often in art the spring is portrayed as a hopeful season of burgeoning life. Here in my northern Ontario town, much of spring is characterized by the dirt and death which is uncovered when first the snow melts.
mossy log
“From the strong came forth sweetness 2.0” Vibrant green moss thriving on a decaying tree trunk on the forest floor.
wire fence at port pirie disused uranium plant
Little remains of the old uranium processing plant at Port Pirie in South Australia. This roll of wire fence was starkly lit by the strong sun on a late spring day.
plane tree adelaide botanic garden
Plane Trees have wonderful textured bark. This tree in the Adelaide Botanical Gardens looks like an exercise in mapmaking.
The inexorable growth of a city as the suburbs sprawl outwards.
telegraph pole
Someone artfully designed each serif and stroke in these metal numbers that have since been used to identify hundreds of thousands of telegraph poles.


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