Iron Age Fort - desktop wallpaper
This wall is part of an Iron Age fort on the west coast of Ireland which has been a look-out over the Atlantic for centuries, while generations of people and lichen have come and gone.
The rusty back of a public barbeque in a park on the Ottawa River
The rusty back of a public barbeque in a park on the Ottawa River has a wealth in colour and depth that any artist would struggle to compose. It tells the story of hot charcoal summers and snow-buried winters.
Daily Walk
“My Daily Path”. When recovering from cancer in the summer of 2017 I was under doctor’s orders to walk every day. One morning this was the sight up ahead. It is my favourite phone screensaver, my glimpse of green all winter


Ceramic art is everywhere in Portugal and adorns the country in myriad colours from bold to pastel. This building exterior in Cascais, had a wonderful human imperfection in both the colouring of individual tiles and the execution of the pattern’s repetition.
Travelling the Oregon trail with my father, we came across the whitewashed wall of an early school house in Wyoming. The curved steel plate is attached to a rod which passes through the old wall and holds it from bowing outwards with age.
Arctic ocean at Qaummaarviit
I was mesmerized by the intricate texture, and overwhelming colour of the Arctic ocean as we rode over to Qaummaarviit island, across Frobisher Bay west of Iqaluit.
deep hole
Like a broken radar screen, this plant in Wimea Valley HI has a wonderful way of drawing you in, to fall down the dark hole like Alice.
dublin cathedral 03
The floor of Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin has a fascinating variety of tile designs. These twin lions, fleur-de-lis and Celtic flowers are a tiny sample. The centuries of worshipers’ feet have worn the colour of each raised corner.

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