Some More Textures

newgrange 01
An ancient burial mound larger than a family home is ringed about its edge by dozens of large boulders, many carved by the builders of the mound, who lived in Ireland 5,000 years ago. No one knows the significance, if any, of these spirals and maze-like designs. Looking at them broadens the mind to imagine people all that time ago, with families, making art, using technology, living in communities, not so different in their hearts from people today. Brú na Bóinne is a world heritage site at Knowth in Ireland.
orange rot 2
Walking in the woods my eye was startled by a flash of bright orange. This rotten tree is trying to compete with the grand canyon or the set from a Star Wars movie.
Three villages
Three clusters of barnacles on a rock now at low tide, villages of little homes built close together, some suburbs, some farmsteads, waiting for the Arctic Ocean to swell again and bring the passing trade of food and gossip.
hope in a bleak world
“Hope in a Bleak World”. I found this graffito round the back of the old pump house. Our birthplace is Earth. Our race is human.
Hostas were my Mum’s favourite garden plants for many years. Even quite far into her dementia she would reach to a book with photographs of Hostas that gave her great pleasure. This is one of her plants, still in her garden.
scrap metal at port pirie disused uranium plant
This scrap steel plate is one of the few remaining objects left, burnt by the Australian sun, at a long-disused uranium processing site. So intricate, many artists would have been proud of such work.
A dancer and three trees
“Three Dancers and a Small Tree”. Pine Point Beach on a cold spring day.


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