Some Textures

dead sentinels
Out for a walk in the spring, I passed these four Dead Sentinels who towered above me, still at their posts but silent for a long time now.
Soda Springs Idaho
My father got an idea to travel the length of the Oregon Trail because of fond memories he had of a childhood book. I shared some of that journey and in Soda Springs, Idaho, we marvelled at the bright orange mineral which had formed where a hot geyser sprayed out of the earth.
The boundless creativity of people is heartwarming. This town square in Cascais, Portugal, needed to be paved for practical reasons. The decision to create this sea of swirling cobblestones was a choice.
Flat rocks - Pine Point road
These flat rocks rise up through the earth like exposed bones at the junction on Pine Point road
new continents
Across those flat rocks, moss has patiently prospered, forming a fabulous map of unexplored continents, peninsulas and island chains, separated by a cold granite sea.
Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin
More of the bounty from the incredible decorative floor of Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin. Such variety of ceramic tiles, and the alarm of floral designs alongside rich plain colours offset by jarring chevrons in stark black and white, seems noisy for a cathedral. Standing there, nothing seemed out of place.
monkey pod 2
Monkey Pod trees in Hawaii are my new favourite tree. Their twisting branches form the most beautiful canopy, spreading impossibly wide from the trunk. A pterodactyl could glide past and it wouldn’t seem out of place.

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