Textures Too

Daisies in a park near the duck pond in Grange-over-Sands. These charming small flowers are quintessentially English, with a name derived from “Days Eyes” because their petals close up each evening.
The twisty bark at the base of a cedar tree in the Ottawa Valley
This twisty bark at the base of a cedar in the Ottawa Valley, tracks how the tree emerges from the side of the bank then lunges skyward.
Barn Wall
This side of a barn in Fort Bridger, Wyoming on the Oregon Trail, has a beautiful collage of natural wood grain with creosote and nail-heads.
Armpit in the rock
I was impressed by this small tuft of a bright yellow foliage growing from the rock like a giant’s armpit. This was another example of the beautiful flora on Qaummaarviit island in Nunavut. Perhaps the picture tells the story of flourishing in unlikely circumstances.
Ceramic art, adorning the exterior of buildings is a defining characteristic of Portuguese cities. These tiles in Lisboa, are uncharacteristically muted in their colouring and wonderfully subtle in their fine details.
giant amazon water lily adelaide botanical gardens
Giant Amazon Waterlily pads grow up to a metre or more across. The underside is a gruesome purple hue, more fleshlike than any plant has reason to be.
Beautiful texture in a boulder showing its belly button.
This fine-grained boulder lies along the side of a path where I walk as often as I can. I don’t know why it has a belly button.

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